Days like this April 18th





*Me at Dolres Park*Blood Oranges at Bi-Rite Market*Sean and I Sun Bathing at Dolores*Yummy sandwich from Bi-Rite*A picture I took of some flowers at Bi-Rite

I love days where I get to lay low relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. This whole week I feel like I’ve been on top of the world and partially I think its because of days like this when the sun does not stop shining. When I can be outside and walk for blocks and blocks and not get cold 🙂 After walking for a bit I met up with my boyfriend at his work Bi-Rite market, a store where they buy fresh food locally. We got to relax at the park for a half an hour before he had to go back. After I headed to downtown and did a tiny bit of shopping for my trial shift at the spectacular RN74 restaurant. I ended up getting really lucky and bought a cute off white top and a blazer from Urban Outfitters both under $20. My trial shift started at 530 and I got there around 520, I got rite to work. Ended up staying for about 3 hours and I enjoyed every moment of it. I’m really hoping that I get this job but if not I’ll still be at good ol’ Abercrombie 🙂

– xoxo Gaby


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