My Week







So this past week has been really great. I’ve gotten A lot of things done and have been working my butt off at my new lovely job that im enjoying so much! Monday was Fantastic I got invited to go to a Giants game with a bunch of Co-workers and sat in a VIP suite! So so awesome, great experience. Colored my own hair back to a dark brown that I missed so much just because of how much healthier my hair look’s  when its a darker color. Got a Haircut! so now I dont have long hair anymore wich im actually really excited about it. My hair looks so healthy and fresh perfect for summer time. No split ends is what im really happy about.  Helped out a good friend of mine out and did a photo shoot for his clothing company ❤ Did a little bit of spring cleaning and got rid of some clothes that I dont wear any more and sold them to crossroads and bought some cute things that im kinda obsessed with. Did a tad bit of shopping at urban outfitters and took advantage of their 50% off redlines clearance sale.  Today Me and my boyfriend got up early and hit up the San Francisco flea market and now enjoying not having to do anything ♥


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