Dutch Babies (Puffed Pancake)





These guys are hands down my new favorite breakfast food! They’re incredibly delicious and supper easy to make. It gives a new spin on your everyday pancake and the great thing is I didn’t have to go out to buy anything, most of the ingredients were already at my home. Enjoy and let me know if any of you guys try out this recipe I really encourage it you wont be disappointed ❤

*Things that I did differently:

– Instead of using the confectioners sugar I drizzled a little bit of condensed milk. Soo yummy ❤

-The marinated berries: My berries were frozen, so I put them in a bowl and sprinkled some lemon zest. I also had a simple syrup already made so I added that and popped it into the microwave until the berries were unfrozen and warm.


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2 responses to “Dutch Babies (Puffed Pancake)

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